The Thelma G. Hornberger Scholarship

The Thelma G. Hornberger Scholarship - It is the purpose of this scholarship to carry on the legacy of my grandmother and aid in the higher education of a future Dudley graduate.

  • 40% Funded
  • $1,000 Funded

I Ride With Steve

Charity Cross Country Bicycle Ride for veterans - My name is Steve Hughes, I am a 60 year old disabled veteran.  I served 28 years in the USAF, and prior to my retirement, I had a "surgery gone bad" that has resulted in me losing the use of my lower left leg, and now I have to wear a brace to walk. I have always been an avid cyclist, and now cycling is the only way I can still experience "freedom" from my personal setback.

  • 0% Funded
  • $0 Funded
  • 249 Days to Go

Black Panther Challenge – Jax

We have been inspired by friends in other cities, and by the #BlackPantherChallengeJax, as so many people have been making plans to take local children to see the upcoming Marvel movie, Black Panther.

  • 87% Funded
  • $4,350 Funded

It takes a village and Aurora Tennis Association needs you!

Aurora Tennis Association introduces the youth to tennis as an alternative to their social norms of sports in a school setting. Our strategy is simple. We partner with schools and other community organizations to intertwine education, life skills, character development and sports to provide a pathway to higher education.

  • 71% Funded
  • $3,557 Funded

Free Lunch Academy

Free Lunch Academy aims to eradicate threats of violence among youth as well as bullying related behaviors among students throughout the Chicagoland area and ultimately worldwide by creating inclusive environments where all feel safe, valued and protected at all times.

  • 2% Funded
  • $50 Funded