Feed The Lambs Field Trip

There are 80 underprivileged children who are in the Feed the Lambs Summer Camp. They live at poverty level right here in our back yard.

  • 0% Funded
  • $0 Funded
  • 70 Days to Go

Jacqueline Buckley and Family Fund

Help for Jacqueline Buckley and her Family. Sadly, Jacqueline was recently involved in a serious accident while in Mexico that resulted in fractures to both of her arms, a spinal fracture and internal bleeding.

  • 8% Funded
  • $4,090 Funded


Stokiefest is an annual safety and wellness festival for children and families hosted by Parents Against Negligent Daycare, Inc. This event is in honor of Stokely M. Andrews.

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  • Ended On June 17, 2018

The Thelma G. Hornberger Scholarship

The Thelma G. Hornberger Scholarship - It is the purpose of this scholarship to carry on the legacy of my grandmother and aid in the higher education of a future Dudley graduate.

  • 121% Funded
  • $3,015 Funded
  • Ended On May 18, 2018