Volunteer Positions

SEO Optimization / Social Marketing Position:

We are looking for someone to help us with SEO optimization for our site. Knowledge with google ads, SEO optimization, and social marketing desired. Email us @ info@directlyto.org if interested.

Senior level engineer / CTO:

Looking for a senior level engineer / CTO to maintain out our core product as well as execute large partner integrations. Candidate will be eager to get hands dirty (coding every day).

What we are looking for in the candidate:

You love using open source. You never want to build anything from scratch.

You have time on your hands

You know PHP, Ruby, Web App development, and wordpress

Having experience in affiliate marketing is a plus.

Email us @ info@directlyto.org if interested.


DirectlyTo: General Donation

While thousands of donors frequent DirectlyTo project pages each month, many arrive here without a tie to any specific need. But they still give.

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