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    The parents of 16 year old Zephaniah Zephi Trevino are seeking assistance with her legal case.

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Our daughters name is Zephaniah Zephi Trevino. She is 16 years old and is a junior in high school. She is currently charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery.

Our daughter was raised in a faith-based home surrounded by a loving family. She is the youngest of four siblings. She lives in Grand Prairie,Texas and is a loving and beautiful young lady. Before meeting this tragic circumstance, she was outgoing and involved with many activities such as her church worship team, select fastpitch softball, and had recently made the drill team at her high school. Everyone who had met our daughter could feel the impact of her loving and caring personality. She loves hard and feels deeply.

Her life drastically changed when she was introduced her to drugs by an abusive boyfriend. Her life spiraled fast, she began to change mentally and physically; ran away often. In May of 2019 she met an adult that began grooming her for sex trafficking through coercion by using physical threats, threats of death against her family and drugs.

Zephi had been forced, a number of times, to participate in sexual acts with adults by her trafficker. Ultimately, this cycle of abuse ended with her trafficker killing a man that Zephi was being forced to perform sexual acts with.

She has been in the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice facility since last fall awaiting trial. Even though the District Attorneys office has been made aware that Zephi was being forced to perform sexual acts on adults due to threats of harm by her trafficker if she tried to leave him.

The public defender that was assigned to Zephis case is pushing her to take a plea deal with a long sentence rather than defending her at trial. However, our daughter maintains her innocence.
In response, we are having to gather funds to pay for a legal defense to fight on our daughters behalf. She has been victimized by sex trafficking and is now being charged for a crime that she did not commit. The person who committed the crime is the same person who was victimizing our daughter with physical threats.

Please consider helping us raise a legal defense that will fight for her life. 

Henry & Crystal Trevino



    1. Crystal Trevino

      Thank you to everyone who has donated for our daughters defense. We are grateful and blessed to know people do care and want to help. May God Bless you greatly.

      Trevino Family

      • Alex Smits

        are there any updates in the case? many prayers and donations your way

        • Tiffani trevino

          Yes their is please go to out freezephi Instagram and all updates are posting their ! Thank you for your support

      • jordan c

        i love how much you continue to support and fight for your daughter. I too lost who I was and let an abusive school boyfriend control me. i became mentally and physically drained and life had no purpose or meaning anymore so what did it matter who I hurt? I pray she realizes her own beauty and potential and decides to take back her life. ITS NEVER TOO LATE and once she makes the decision it’s set. Remind her of her beauty inside and let her know she’s not alone even when she feels nobody to turn to. She has family. I Will pray the court leans in your favor and realizes it would be insane to place guilt on a young naive minor in this horrific situation. I will donate as i have it.
        And don’t blame yourselves. It’s not your fault

      • Crystal Trevino

        Thank you so much for the support in helping us defend our daughter. Words can’t express our gratitude to everyone. This has been a long journey and continues everyday until she is home. I wish I could share more of her story but until trial we are limited . Your donation is helping us fight the injustice and Actually have a legal team. Our goal as a family is to bring awareness to sex trafficking and victims and how the legal system is not helping victims but writing them off when they need help. There aren’t many resources for parents and children going through this very real dilemma. Sex trafficking is a very real thing and doesn’t always look like the movies. May God bless each of you greatly for us Helping and supporting Zephi. We thank God for giving us strength and peace during this battle.

        Trevino Family

      • Jessica Martinez

        This is your cousin Nancy’s daughter Jessica Martinez. My grandma is Olivia. I just wanted to give you a attorney information that can help. He has done alot of these type of cases
        Edwin king
        400 S Zang Blvd.
        Suite 105
        Lb 43
        Dallas, TX 75208- 6600

        (214) 871-8800

      • Mel

        I would look into hiring an attorney out if Corpus Christi Texas. Terry Shamsie he was a criminal defense attorney, juvenile justice judge, child protective services judge who handled sex trafficking child abuses cases for years and now a defense criminal attorney once again. He knows all the technicalities when having to prove up when it comes to trials.

    2. JO

      Prayers 4 your daughter I would suggest getting in touch with Ashton Kutcher(Actor) as this is one of his big Causes Best Wishes 2 U All

      • Megan

        I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I’m sure you have a great legal team helping but I wanted to make you aware of another resource, more for when she gets to go home. The Hope Center Indy, there is only one other center of it’s kind out in CA, but I think it is bigger. They support women who have been victims of sex trafficking rebuild their life. I’m sure a judge will see your daughter is not guilty. But this center also helps women get their records cleaned of any crimes they were forced to commit while being a victim so that after they leave the center they can have a career and move forward with their lives. I volunteer here whenever I can because it is amazing to see these women learn that they are loved and start to love their lives again. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. https://www.hopecenterindy.org/

    3. JL

      I read your daughter’s story on FB. I would like to share it with a very good attorney, she is top rated Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas.

    4. Trevino Family

      Thank you everyone for the support, prayers, and love you are expressing. This time has been very difficult and with this support gives our daughter and family a new hope and strength. We will continue to fight this injustice and become her voice for freedom. We are forever grateful and thankful to each and every friend, family, and person who donated money. The challenge is huge before us but with God and support of the community we believe our daughter will be able to heal from this tragic and horrible nightmare.

      As an update we have secured legal council and trust that they will be diligent in her fight for her innocence and freedom. #freezephi

      No child or parent should ever have to go through this horror and battle the legal system. We pray this brings an awareness to the community that it can happen to anyone’s child and your world forever changes.

      All money donated is being raised and will pay for legal fees for our daughters case and possible trial fees.

      Thank you again for the bottom of our hearts and we pray a huge blessing over everyone that has donated, prayed, checked on us, and supported our family through this difficult time.

      The Trevino Family

    5. Dalia Cipriano "Chavez Mom"

      Prayers going out for your family….. we were softball family for a short time and her Big softball sister Chavez brought this to my attention with much concern…. we have a pretty big following on FB and many have shared…. Prayers for you guys strength and for Zephi.. someone mentioned reaching out to a resource by the name of Mosaic Services stating they are very helpful and adamant about helping victims of sex trafficking….. hope God turns these tables and brings Zephi and your family out of all this….

    6. Gabe Harris

      Who is the judge that has put her in jail the last 10 months? are they elected to office or appointed? if so by who? a bunch of people want to know

    7. Gabrielle Monroe

      I am so sorry Zephi and family is going through this. My thoughts are with you all.

      I am a childhood sex trafficking survivor. My stepmom murdered my dad. She saved my life. They put her in jail.

      Let me know if there is any way I can support Zephi & family. (This is not an empty offer, I’m limited on money…but I do have time & a skill or two that might help.)

      (email AdvoGabby@protonmail.com)

        • DirectlyTo

          Thank you for your note. Unlike most crowdfunding platforms DirectlyTo is a 501c3 platform and all of the proceeds come into the non-profit to pay for what the campaign is intended to accomplish. We have spoken to the Trevino family about their daughters case and we are in full support. When her legal fees are due those funds will be paid DIRECTLY TO Ms. Trevino’s lawyer or any associated legal costs. I appreciate your tenacity in trying to figure out if this is a fraud. Now that you know that it isn’t fraud please invest that same energy to helping her cause not hindering it. Remember #FREEZEPHI

    8. Nani Strides

      Wow she looks just like my cousin. I am so so sorry for all the pain she and her entire family has had to endure. Praying for her to receive healing and justice!

    9. Cassie

      Please contact me regarding when and where we can set up a protest to stand in solidarity with your daughter. There are so many in Texas and around the US that would show up for this.

    10. Crystal Trevino

      Thank you to everyone for helping us reach $60,000 for Zephi legal fund. We are overwhelmed and grateful for the support for our daughter and her case. Without you we could not afford her team and any hope of a defense. Your generosity and compassion to help our daughter in this tragedy leaves our family speechless and blessed. Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you.

      It was suggested to raise an additional $40,000 for any additional legal costs that may arise for the seriousness of her charges. We have raised the goal for this reason only. All monies are directly sent to legal team.

      We have hope and a big dream this will be over soon. Zephaniah Trevino is a victim and our beautiful daughter whom we love and miss daily. We pray she will be home very soon to receive healing and love so greatly needed to overcome sex trafficking and the after effects.

      The Trevino Family

    11. Jessica C

      Tell Zephi how strong and wonderful she is ❤️ She is an amazing person and she can get through this. It gets better. I’m sending her as many positive vibes and thoughts as I can.

    12. LM. Smith

      I will start a fundrsiser in my store in Cocoa Florida. My son is named Zephan. We opted to shorten it but like you, named our child after the prophet Zephaniah in the Old Testament. This may sound silly but bc our children share the same name I feel more compelled than ever to support ur cause. Zephi will come out of this for the better. Remember Zephaniah means “Treasured by God”. You and your family will get thru this and come out stronger in the end. May God Bless you and your family.

    13. Carmen Houck

      Im so so sorry you and your family are going through this. It sickens me that or court system would do this to a child. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers

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