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 What does it look like for a community to come together to help their own in need?

That is just what West Orange Smiles is all about. West Orange Smiles is a community initiative providing needed corrective dental & health care to local youth in West Orange County and surrounding areas. These are local youth without the financial means to get the significant corrective dental care they need.

For teenagers with bad teeth, facing graduation, and the following hopes of college, career and marriage, their outlook is tainted with the reality of anticipated disappointments. However, for the youth with a great smile, the future holds so much more promise.

Beginning Summer 2016, West Orange County youth may submit their one-page essay on “How My Life Would Be Different with a Great Smile” to West Orange Smiles at www.WOSmiles.org. A selection committee, comprised of local business and organization leaders, review submissions and choose the winners each month. The award-winning youth receive entirely free corrective dental, including Invisalign Clear Braces when needed. Additionally, the award-winning students and their family receive complementary primary healthcare for a full year.


West Orange Smiles and DirectlyTo are partnering with local dentists to provide these services to the local youth. These dentists have been generous enough to donate their labor for the corrective work that needs to be performed. Donations to this campaign will go toward the examinations, such as x-rays and the cost of materials. Youth award recipients are announced monthly. The entire community shares, in and receives credit for, these life changing stories as we continue to build a stronger, healthier community.

We want to invite you to partner with DirectlyTo and West Orange Smiles through donation and sponsorship, in helping West Orange and surrounding area youth receive the most precious and life changing smiles.


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For more information on West Orange Smile go to www.wosmiles.org

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