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We are a group of former service members for the United States Army who are putting together a program of support for Afghan Interpreters who specifically operated and conducted missions in combat alongside US and NATO troops through out Afghanistan over the last 15 years.

We had the immense honor to have these brave men work as language and cultural ambassadors on behalf of us during critical moments in order to accomplish missions and guarantee safe passage through some of the most dangerous territory in the world.

Most of them have conducted hundreds of operations with US forces, worked for many years in dangerous roles and have interpreted critical information and cultural nuances thousands of times. US forces owe much to the hard work and accuracy of these brave men and women. They are still living in danger of retaliation with little to no job opportunities as the NATO mission continues to whittle down to fewer troops.

Throughout their service amongst US and NATO troops, many of them worked with a high level of trust and dedication while being promised visas to immigrate to the United States and begin new lives in the safe setting we enjoy. Our deep appreciation and loyalty to these fine individuals, who were willing to sacrifice so much, is what propels us to use this donation campaign to help them create better lives for themselves and their families.


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