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    Spaceport Exploration Center (SEC) is creating a unique class room environment by transforming the room into a Space Station style layout and technology that will inspir...

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Spaceport Exploration Center has been providing STEM education for nearly 10 years. In that time, we have become Indiana's largest STEM curriculum developer and provider. Spaceport is a National and State award winner for delivery of education, including the NASA Top Star Award. This project will transform an existing class room into what will look like a space station lab. It will include the basic paint, graphics and accents, but well beyond that is the advanced technology embedded within. Robotics station, drone (explorer) station, high altitude and Cubesat stations. During the school year, students will begin to learn the scientific basis for exploration and begin to build real experiments that will fly on different platforms throughout the year. We put a brief example of one flight video, created by students, that shows one activity. We are seeking an additional $5000.00 to help cover the cost of lab and equipment that was simply not covered by the budget originally set. The funds will add more exciting stations and tech that will give students more tools to expand their experiments.


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    Project FAQ

    Q: What equipment is expected to be purchased with these funds?

    A: We will be acquiring some LED flat screens, tablets and workstation equipment for projects.

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    About the Author

    Currently serving as President of Spaceport Indiana and is a Civilian Astronaut and licensed Pilot, Brian has been involved in the commercial space program from the early days. He served on the first Spaceports Council under the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and built the Spaceport Indiana program. He developed the Spaceport outreach program for education and has become the largest STEAM provider in Indiana. He has created many platforms to serve national interest regarding post disaster assessment, communications links for military environments using HALO technologies, and launch systems to name a few. Brian is considered one of the foremost leaders in technology transition to education within Indiana and has developed a number of award winning programs. He was awarded the MIRA Award in 2011 for his contributions to technology in education. A NASA Top Star Award winner and over 50 other awards to date. He is a Distinguished Lecturer for the U.S. Navy, and frequent keynote speaker on commercial space topics as well as education.

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