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    Project Shelter Securities exist to protect and shield individuals and families from a harmful or dangerous situation that life can present to us at anytime.

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For this project campaign, our goal is to help Africans living in America (between Massachusetts and Rhode Island) as well as Americans to get their life, health, shelter, finance, and insurance protected through providing them case specific program services. That is, life and health insurance assistance, housing and residential services for present and future renters or owners, and financial aid via literacy and repair. Overall, these are a few ways to protect and shield individuals and families from a harmful or dangerous situation that life can present to us at any time.

Below are percentages to cover cost or expenses towards Project Shelter Securities:

  • Promotion Expenses 10%

  • Office Supplies 10%

  • Telephone 10%

  • Fax 10%

  • Internet Expense 10%

  • Delivery & Postage 10%

  • Printing Costs 10%

  • Reproduction (Copying) 10%

  • Transportation Costs (Parking, Gas, Lodging, etc.) 10%

  • Misc. 10%


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    Project FAQ

    • Over 2 million African immigrants are living in America.

    • We will primarily serve all Africans living in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

    • Our life and health insurance assistance will help those in dire need of it.

    • Our housing/residential program will help people to have a place to rent or own.

    • Our financial aid via literacy and repair will help assist those in severe hardship.

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