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    Please support our New Initiative to help slow down the spread of Covid19. All Proceeds will go towards masking cloth masks for essential workers.

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In times of need throughout history, groups of individuals have in-kind offered services to aid those in peril. Recent pandemic inconveniences have led the world down a similar path. Across the globe, organizations are pulling together and pooling resources to help their fellow man.

Many non-essential workers are out of jobs and unable to draw unemployment benefits. Some cannot receive any at all. Healthcare employees and other essential workforce don’t have access to masks to help protect them from the threat of illness. The elderly are being forced into society where the risk of getting sick is great and they have no protection.

This situation makes the heart heavy thinking of our current brave heroes that are caring for patients daily in hospitals, clinics and testing sites, the food service attendants that are delivering your food and passing it from a drive-through window, the home health nurse that must visit a residence to assist someone’s well being.

Sew Driven promotes exactly what it’s namesake implies - driven to sew. The organization has a simple yet effective solution. We accept volunteers that have been employment displaced in the Jacksonville area willing to sew their hearts out for the many workers across the city in need of personal protective face masks. Material and supply donations are also accepted through the organization so that volunteers can just sew without the added worry of expenses. With many seamstresses at the helm, Sew Driven has the ability to produce large quantities of masks in days.

With generous contributions, Sew Driven would be able to supply more volunteers with sewing essentials and give back to them for all of their hard work and kindness during this chaotic time. It may not compare to the wages they once made but it will help them put food on their tables.

Donations are sought to help protect and care for the citizens of Jacksonville that need it the most right now. Doctors, nurses, aides, law enforcement, firefighters, patients, elderly and even the fast-food workers require your assistance while they all pitch in to save our lives and keep us safe and fed. Can you afford to give?


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