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    The nearly 100-year-old ceiling in the fellowship hall collapsed January 31, 2017. Not having use of this hall or connecting rooms is a hardship for the community of Br...

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The nearly 100-year-old ceiling in the fellowship hall collapsed January 31, 2017. Fortunately, nobody was injured. But not having use of Pilgrim Hall or connecting rooms is a hardship for the community of Bridgeport's most vulnerable citizens. The hall houses their soup kitchen, emergency shelter, and food pantry and other services for residents of Downtown Bridgeport.

The hall needs repair in order to continue serving the community. Insurance is covering $50,000 of the repairs, leaving a $95,000 balance.

Please donate today to help us continue providing:

  • Feel The Warmth Community Supper: Serving 9,000 meals annually. Not just a hot meal, a meal with dignity and kindness.

  • Food Pantry: Distributing groceries for over 85,000 meals annually.

  • Safe Food Pantry access for 52 families.

  • ESL and student tutoring.

  • Formula and diapers for 300 babies.

  • Bridgeport's Only Emergency Overflow Shelter.

  • And so much more.

The Norma F. Pfriem Urban Outreach Initiatives organization serves hundreds of people food with dignity each week and also provide food to cook at home. They lead with joy and purpose to serve the most needy in our fair city.

For more information, visit:


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