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Project Conscious is a multi-platform organization created to showcase, educate, and empower minority communities. While the minority vote is our main focus, our goal is to expose all issues facing these communities and address them with targeted projects and community outreach.

Our central platform will be our Podcast, (The Conscious Pod), designed to showcase community leaders, organizers, and activists. It is our goal to grow The Conscious Pod to be a direct connection between communities and the local politicians elected to serve them. It is our hope that Conscious Pod will become a trusted tool for elected officials to get out direct messages to local voters, and for it to serve as a portal through which those same politicians will be held accountable to answer the questions that matter most to the community.

Project Conscious is a youth led organization that will work with the people for the people. More than ever individuals are seeking detailed information about the issues facing our communities, and tangible suggestions for what they can do about them. We the people need to be educated, unified, and direct. Project Conscious will provide the tools, the inspiration and the motivation for all three.

Project Conscious is working in concert with DirectlyTo in order to fundraise money to apply for 501c3 non profit status, lawyer fees, and podcast equipment. It is with your help and these tools we can accomplish our goals and get to work within our community!


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