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As a father, sharing parental duties with your spouse is not an easy task when it comes to raising children. Being a single dad takes it to a different level, often times having the odds against them, making the task at hand insurmountable. Adding health challenges to the mix creates the perfect storm that would bring any typical man to his knees and cause him to consider throwing in the towel and walk away from it all. Patrick Cody however is no ordinary man as he has faced extraordinary circumstances and continues to get up every morning and fight, both literally and figuratively. Patrick is raising his 3 children, Patrick Jr, Alexis, and Kalea in Spokane, WA as a single dad.

In 2012, Patrick received the news that no one wants to ever hear. The same news that forever alters the course of life for so many, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Immediately after receiving this heartbreaking diagnosis, Patrick had to have surgery and started chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, he didn’t let that stop him from being active with his children. When he was able to do so, he resumed his normal routine of jogging 5 miles a day, and continued to coach and train his son and other children in the community at the Howard Street Boxing Club. Despite his fight against cancer, Patrick has now been diagnosed with terminal metastatic cancer and it has spread throughout his body, further deteriorating his quality of life. While he still can, Patrick would like to be able to travel with and support his son Patrick Cody Jr as he is in his final year of eligibility to compete in the Junior Nationals and Junior USA Boxing Championships.

Representing the Howard Street Boxing Club in Spokane, Patrick “Prince” Cody, Jr says his idol is Floyd Mayweather. In 2015, Cody had the opportunity to visit Mayweather’s Gym and meet the man himself. He has his sights set on the National Junior Golden Gloves Tournament on July 19-22nd, 2017 in Mesquite, Nevada ,the Eastern Elite Qualifier and Regional Open in Chattanooga, Tennessee on October 16-21st, and the 2017 USA Boxing Elite and Youth National Championships and Junior Open in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 3-9th. Don’t let looks fool you…Patrick “Prince” Cody may be handsome, he may not look like the Incredible Hulk, but let him hit you one time and you will see that dynamite does come in small packages. Although Cody just started boxing in 2013, he has racked up a slew of awards and trophies, recently winning the 2017 Junior Olympics in Charleston, West Virginia and meeting his Dad's idol Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker. Critics and trainers alike say, at the young age of 16, he’s a “Natural-born Boxer”. He listens attentively and meticulously executes the advice and training he receives with unparalleled dedication and fervent determination.

While Lil Pat is fighting in the ring, big Pat is still fighting everyday to make sure he remains active in the lives of his kids. The prognosis for Patrick Cody’s cancer is not favorable so in turn we are trying to be proactive and prepare for the inevitable. In an effort to be able to make the last wishes of Patrick Cody come true, seeing and supporting his son in the Junior Nationals and Junior USA Boxing Championships and visiting his mother in St. Louis, MO, who is in remission, any funds raised in this campaign will go towards his travel expenses and helping with imminent funeral arrangements. Any donation made to this campaign is 100% tax deductible, so please feel free to share this with your family, friends, co-workers and your company (corporate matching is an option) so that we can give a devoted and loving father his final wishes the opportunity to be at the side of his son as he fights in the Junior Nationals and Junior USA Boxing Championships.



      • Adrian

        Thank you Charlotte for your prayers and support! We appreciate you!

    1. Darrisena

      Patrick- You are truly loved. You are a #1 Dad! Your STL family keeping you lifted! We are so looking forward to seeing you soon, especially, your cousin Sena.

    2. Randy, Rosalind

      Love you Big Pat, Randy and I will always support you and Family! Keep fighting

    3. Tammy bush

      Pat.! Don’t no if you remember me.tammy,from Marshall Street..my prayers are for you everyday !! Back when,,when all I wanted was to leave this world..it was because of your kindness,compasion,heart,& true understanding.you
      gave me time,friendship,when my life had fallen apart..that I wanted to end it..( don’t no if you knew that then)but it was you who gave so much unknowingly.that gave me life .strength and your bits each time we spoke,, gave me hope and another day.today. I’m here .because of you.you were the greatest person I’d met,i can’t say enuff about you.except thank you for being the only one who took the time to give so much to a girl who every one else threw away..I will definitely give everything I got and get to help your wishes.pledgeing the last $1000 to make the goal I love you Pat you have changed many many lives ( for the better) prayers to you and family..I hope I have a chance to thank you in person…a great man.father.friend…a hero to say the least..an Angel in my eyes.✝️

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    Project FAQ

    Patrick “Prince” Cody, Lil Pat, is following his Dad’s dreams and family history. He is 16yrs of age and in his final year of participating in the Junior Olympics. He is a 2017 USA Boxing National Junior Olympic Champion and ranks #1 out of Region State and is a 3rd time Golden Glove Champ.

    Patrick Sr’s wishes are to accompany and coach Lil Pat's final yr to participate in the remaining 2016 Jr Olympic tournaments and him to accompany and train him as long as his health allows

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