No One Will Walk this Path Alone

By Suzy

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It’s Thursday afternoon and you are running late to your follow up doctor appointment.  The nerves are almost unbearable as pretty soon you may hear a life altering test result.  You call your husband but he was in a meeting, you call your best friend but she did not answer, finally you are able to reach your mother.  She calms you down and reassures you that everything will be ok.  Now you are waiting in the doctor’s office, and as you see the door open you also see the doctor’s facial expression as he looks down at his chart; he tells you that you do have cancer.  So many thoughts run through your head, but as you tell each person in your life, a sense of ease and peace runs through your body.  Your company you work for has been so supportive and allows you to take a paid leave of absence, your husband commits to taking over all responsibility of the kids, house, etc. and your family and friends are going to make sure you do not go a day without hope and laughter.  You know while you are on this path, you will never walk alone.

Now imagine you are running late to your doctor appointment because you took the wrong bus.  You are not familiar with the bus schedule because you had always had a car.  You recently were let go from your job because of internal reorganization.  You cannot afford a car at the moment, and your phone is shut off because you can’t afford the monthly bill.  You don’t get too upset because all your immediate family has passed, and you lost contact with any friends due to moving a few years back.  You arrive at the doctor’s office in hopes of some good news, but you do not get that.  On top of feeling scared and alone, you worry how you will pay for the medications and treatment.  You feel hopeless and no one to lean on.  You feel as though you will walk this path alone.

This fundraiser is dedicated and directly for the people walking alone.  There are too many people suffering alone and it is our mission to reach out to the hopeless and give them that hope and laughter they too deserve.  It is also our mission to bring ongoing awareness to this issue that occurs everyday.  All donations will go towards any bills, medications, and assistance that these people need while they get through their treatment.  We will also be helping them get back on their feet by helping find jobs, cheaper places to leave, etc.  So if donating is not an option please consider lending a hand, information, ideas, and strategies to help improve the quality of life for them


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