Nneka Z Umunna America Dream Scholarship

By The Nneka Z. Umunna American Dream Scholarship

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**Founder Obi with Terrance Vale the first recipient of the scholarship who is now a law student at Cornell. Pictured above**

The Nneka Z. Umunna American Dream Scholarship was founded to honor Nneka Z Umunna, a widowed Nigerian immigrant. Nneka Z Umunna raised two sons; one a UNF grad who is now a lawyer/entrepreneur and another who is a small business owner. As a former teacher and social worker, Nneka placed an extreme importance on education and often sacrificed to ensure her sons received a proper education. The scholarship is dedicated to those who are willing work hard and strive in their education regardless of the sacrifices they have to make. This scholarship is the only one of its kind at UNF for Political science students.


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