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    The family of Marvin Guy is seeking assistance with his legal case.

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          On May 9th, 2014, at just after 5:30 am, the police entered Marvin Guy's home, by performing a no-knock raid. Officers began entering the premises by climbing through his window and Marvin, who was in bed with his wife, fearing what any reasonable person would, that his house was being broken into, fired at, what he believed to be an intruder in self-defense. Unfortunately, the presumed intruders were a Killeen PD SWAT and an officer received a fatal injury.  A search of Marvin's house was conducted and there was nothing found that supported the No-Knock drug warrant. The lack of evidence found during the raid shows that the no-knock drug warrant had no basis and Marvin had no reason to suspect that the intruders were police officers. Marvin is now facing the death penalty for defending himself against the intruders who broke through his window under a baseless No-Knock drug warrant. He has been charged with capital murder of a police officer.

          No Knock Raids have no business being included as a policing tactic in our communities. Marvin's case highlights why this policy needs to be outlawed across the country. No citizen should be facing the death penalty for defending his home from intruders. Please support Marvin as he fights for his life.


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