Jacqueline Buckley and Family Fund

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If you have been blessed to personally meet Jacqueline Buckley you will know that she is by far one of the sweetest and funniest people out there! She has an infectious personality that can make anyone smile. Her love for life, her family, and friends shows in everything that she does.

Sadly, Jacqueline was recently involved in a serious accident while in Mexico that resulted in fractures to both of her arms, a spinal fracture and internal bleeding. Her injuries resulted in multiple hospital stays and out of pocket medical expenses. Jacqueline had to also be airlifted from Mexico to Texas while still in severe and agonizing pain and swelling. She has had to endure multiple painful surgeries.

Jacqueline is beyond blessed that her life was spared but there is still a long road ahead for her and her family. She is the sole breadwinner for her two beautiful children. Currently, Jacqueline is unable to work and and as of 5/22/18 has officially lost her source of income. Her out of pocket expenses that she is responsible for are already starting to grow. Your donations are 100% Tax deductible and will go directly to the payment of her medical and household bills.

Please consider donating no matter the amount because every penny counts. If you are unable to donate financially please consider sharing this campaign with your friends and family and becoming a champion for this cause. We ask that each and every one of you keep Jacqueline and her family in your prayers! She and her family thank you all in advance for reading her story and for your donation and your prayers!


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