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Hello the Internet!

I am calling on you to help me raise $4500 to help me fix my friends wheelchair.

My beautiful, friend Megan Laubert has been struggling with a wheelchair, that is unfortunately…aging. Many of you will know the frustration that comes with watching a loved one get stuck in the systems. Stuck in an endless “hoop-jumping” cycle trying to gain access to the care they need, and not having the means to help. I have watched her work through ALL the proper channels for over a year and a half now, but unfortunately there are less available programs in rural areas. This is why I am asking my community, to help me give this gift to my friend.

She has not always been wheelchair bound. The last 10 years I have watched her overcome, not just her physical changes, but also grow the most amazing inner strength, all while rocking the single mother thing. (Pretty awesome right?) She has come out the other side, shockingly not bitter and angry, but a solid source of light.

She honestly would probably think me silly for the suggestion, but I ask you to go check out her Inspiration Art on Instagram @imanifestlife. She is the most supportive person you could find, and I think that those types of people are a damn good investment!

Her current wheelchair is in need of repairs. The money raised will go toward replacement parts/replacement chair, if there are any leftover funds they will go toward fixing her disability van (which is also in need of repairs).

By using the website link, they act as a 501(c) so all donations are tax deductible, and will only be used for listed purposes. (EIN/TAX ID number: 47-4027559) Every little bit helps, so donate what you can and help us spread the word!

Thank you!


Megan Laubert

Megan Laubert, 31, has been a long time resident of Garderville, NV. She is the single mother of Zoe, 9.

After 10 years, doctors are still searching for answers to give her a proper diagnosis.

Still, she works hard to live her best life.

She has earned her Associates Degree in Psychology, from Western Nevada College, and her compassion for others shifted her focus to life coaching. There are no requirements for certification/license for life coaches; however, she put herself through an accredited school, to obtain proper certification. She is now starting her own Life Coaching practice, to inspire others to live their best lives too.

If you would like to know more about Megan, you can find her blog at



  1. Avatar Chad Allen

    Hi. I’d like to offer my help with her situation. I am an auto tech and all around mechanically inclined person. In addition to auto repair I have extensive experience with electronic repair from other fields. If there are repairs that can be done that don’t require specialized/certified wheel chair specific training, I can probably do them. I have a dear friend who is struggling with a chronic health issue who is becoming reliant on a wheel chair. Being 1100 miles away from her, I cannot help the way I’d like. I’d love to be able to help out if I can.

  2. Avatar April

    Thank you so much for the offer! I’m am learning all the different struggles and concerns that come with wheelchair life, myself, through this process. I’m not sure which things that I might be applicable for… could you send me an email at

    I’ll keep your contact info, and get back to you if it is something we could use/do.

    Thank you again. 🙂

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Project FAQ

How are the funds going to be used?

Funds will be going to the maintenance of Meg's current wheelchair (or potentially the purchase of a new wheel chair). The chair needs a new seat cushion, new joystick, new battery, as well as general maintenance. Any additional funds raised will go toward fixing her wheelchair adapted van.

Why does she need to raise funds?

Meg has been working with her social worker, local wheelchair companies, government assistant programs, you name it, and due to her rural location, there are limited resources available. There are limited wheelchair technicians in the area, and none accept medicare/medicaid, and won't travel to our area unpaid. Part for her current wheelchair, which is a make and model that works well for her and her needs, are not covered either, and her eligibility for a replacement chair is 2 years away. Two years is a long time to wait for basic needs.

If you have any additional questions please email April at:

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