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    Be part of our community! Many refugees and under-served communities aren't receiving adequate healthcare. The solution: a nonprofit mobile Tiny House medical clinic to ...

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It’s a scary time in healthcare, there is fear of many losing their insurance.

How can we stabilize healthcare in an unstable environment?

We must try something NEW! We must think out-of-the-box.

Cornerstone Nonprofit Healthcare’s idea:

Tiny House mobile clinics

Through my experience working in several clinics abroad there has been one constant in these developing countries: People work together as a community

I NEED your help to improve our community in the US!

Many areas are in need of better healthcare! Traditional clinics in these areas cannot survive because they have so many monthly bills. So residents must travel to healthcare centers or receive no healthcare. Many have fears of loosing their jobs if they miss work and decide to only be seen if critically ill. By this time many have health conditions that will affect the rest of their lives.

Emergency rooms are used creating financial hardship on our healthcare system.

Cornerstone Nonprofit Healthcare's Tiny House medical clinic is being developed by motivated individuals wanting to give people another option (not by a big medical company). We want patients and providers to control patient care not business people. We want to keep money in the hands of people.

We cannot do this without YOU!

PLEASE give financial support whether large or small.

Please SHARE! SHARING is vital, this allows us to reach more people within OUR community

Our vision in stages

Stage 1: Build Tiny House mobile clinic, offer more accessible healthcare to refugees and under-served communities, gather data to make model reproducible for other communities

Stage 2: Expand from one Tiny House mobile clinic to several, better serving the community, apply use in disaster sites

Stage 3: Introduce Tiny House clinic to other high need areas

For more information: Cornerstonenonprofithealthcare.com

All donations through Directlyto.org are tax deductible!!

We can be contacted at:

  • cornerstonenonprofithealthcare.com
  • cornerstonenonprofit@gmail.com
  • www.facebook.com/Cornerstonenonprofit/
  • Twitter.com @CherisaMFletche

For your gift we want to better involve you in our mission!

all email updates can be opted out of

For Sharing!

You will receive a hand written "Thank You" note, email updates to involve you in our process and your opinions will be considered in creative development decisions.

All donations from $1-$15 (Yes, $1 still helps!):

Handwritten "Thank You" note and Photo gift of the completed Tiny House clinic

Donations $15-$50:

Hand written "Thank You" note, photo gift of Tiny House clinic, email updates to involve you in our process and your opinions will be considered in creative development decisions. AND you can pick:

  1. Your name to be written on the first Tiny House clinic.
  2. Your name to be featured on all social sites and our webpage.
  3. Booklet featuring Tiny House and how it runs.

Donations $50-$200 will receive:

Hand written "Thank You" note, photo gift of Tiny House clinic, email updates to involve you in our process and your opinions will be considered in creative development decisions. Your name written on Tiny House clinic AND featured on all social sites and webpage AND you can pick:

  1. Your name to be entered into a raffle to attend opening event.
  2. Booklet featuring Tiny House and how it runs.
  3. Tour through completed Tiny House.

Donations $200 and up will receive:

Everything listed above and invitation to attend opening event!

The largest Donation Made Will Name our First Tiny House clinic

Please notify us of your chosen gratitude gifts!

We can be notified of options through:

  • Cornerstonenonprofithealth.com
  • Directlyto comments
  • cornerstonenonprofit@gmail.com
  • www.facebook.com/Cornerstonenonprofit/

The Barriers to healthcare

Problem: Most healthcare facilities have high monthly costs to run

Results: More patients need to be seen to be profitable

Answer: Decrease monthly costs in clinics, using a micro-practice model, so patients can be given adequate time for quality care

Problem: Many have a difficult time traveling to affordable nonprofit clinics.

Problem: Building brick-and-mortar clinics in these areas does not prove to be cost effective.

Results: Decrease access to healthcare

Answer: Make healthcare facility mobile to reach more areas

Problem: Many underserved populations perceive healthcare as too expensive at traditional facilities

Results: Patients don’t seek preventative care

Answer: Offer low cost screenings in community areas (churches, centers, schools), easily with mobile healthcare

Problem: Lack of preventative care in underserved areas

Results: Increase in uncontrolled chronic conditions. Costly visits to the ER.

Answer: IMPROVE HEALTHCARE to lessen burden on society and improve quality of life for all


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    Project FAQ

    Question and Answers

    Q: How will Tiny House mobile clinic run?

    A: UBL Tiny Homes have developed a completely off-grid Tiny House, it will run on solar, propane and gas. Will NEVER need to be hooked up to run.

    Q: Is a Tiny House mobile clinic a new healthcare model?

    A: Yes and No. In my research, I have found a couple Tiny Homes used for medical purposes. These were not used for mobile primary care for a community. Though it is possible a Tiny House clinic exists for similar purposes that I have not found.

    Q: What’s wrong with mobile RV models for primary healthcare?

    A: Nothing. Though, first, it does cost $300,000-$500,000 for the first year so it is too expensive for many not involved within a big medical facility to raise the funds. Second, I am not in favor of a camping environment to get primary care.

    Q: How much will the first Tiny House clinic cost to build?

    A: $40,000

    Q: In what city and what population is this first clinic being developed for?

    A: Omaha, Ne and for refugee and underserved populations not currently receiving care.

    Q: Will the clinic be wheelchair accessible?

    A: YES! We are following ADA and DHHS guidelines for a licensed clinic.

    Q: Will we offer sliding scale prices? Bill insurance?

    A: YES!

    Q: Where will profits raised go?

    A: First, we will try to keep prices as low as possible to keep money in the hands of those who need it. Second, to expand our networks of mobile Tiny House clinics to make the biggest impact.

    Q: Are we board run?

    A: Yes. Our board is filled with people who want to make a difference in their community!

    Q: Are we a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation?

    A: Not yet, but our plan is to be within 6 months.

    Q: Why are you not waiting until you have federal funding and grants before offering healthcare?

    A: We would likely not be able to get funding for 1 year based on length of time it takes to obtain federal/grant funding and the fact we will need to be Tax exempt to receive them. WE WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW!

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    About the Author

    Hi! I am a Certified Physician Assistant and self proclaimed Christian missionary (though this extends only to me wanting to show love to all people as Jesus did and to model a nonjudgmental Christian). I am devoted to making a difference and creating a healthcare system that is truly patient centered not controlled by business people. Healthcare should be affordable, quality and show love to all. I am focused on helping those most in need focusing on refugees and under-served populations.

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