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    The 8th grade team at Penn Griffin School for the Arts in High Point, North Carolina has planned an amazing, historical, and educational trip for our students to Charles...

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To make sure all of our students have every opportunity to go, we are asking for donations and/or sponsorship, because not all students are able to secure the required money for the trip.

All money donated will go directly towards funding this once in a lifetime opportunity. This trip will allow these students to travel outside of not only High Point and the Triad, but for many outside of North Carolina for the first time.

The cost of the trip per student would have been $405, if 77 students committed to the trip. However only 51 signed up and paid the $405, so the cost of the trip has increased by $50 per student (Missing - $2550). The students have worked hard fundraising to get the additional funds, they just need a little extra help.

We would greatly appreciate your help.


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    Project FAQ

    What type of school is Penn-Griffin? The Penn-Griffin School for the Arts learning community is committed to being a premier 6-12 school for the arts by working together. Challenging our potential, nurturing responsibility, celebrating diversity, and modeling lifelong learning.

    Who will be going to Charleston, SC? Penn-Griffin 8th grade students.

    How is this an educational trip? This is a Social Studies and Science based overnight trip and will extend the learning process for the students.

    What places the students will be visiting?

      • Fort Sumter Boat Tour

      • Isles of Palms County Park

      • Citadel Mall

      • USS Yorktown

      • Charleston Marketplace

      • South Carolina Aquarium

      • Charleston Museum

      • Ghost Walking Tour

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