Feed The Lambs Field Trip

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There are 80 underprivileged children who are in the Feed the Lambs Summer Camp. They live at poverty level right here in our back yard. Most of them have NO “FAMILY UNIT”. Some have only one parent or no parents. Others my be living with family members or in living conditions that provide little to no financial stability or educational support. Several parents of our students simply do not know how to care for their children as they are trying to care for themselves.  Sometimes it is siblings that are raising each other with absolutely no structure. Most of the children are behind in school with no direction. They are seeking attention and love;

Feed the Lambs becomes the "Family Unit" for the children. It's all about Respect, Responsibility and Rules. This comes with the Mentoring that Feed the Lambs teaches the children.

We are looking for help to send our children to Busch Garden this summer. This field trip is a HUGE Reward for these children. While in the Feed the Lambs Tutoring program their reading, math and writing course grades improve from 2% to 100%. The principal at Oslo Middle School said this program has helped so many children stay in school and get better grades and learn valuable life lessons. 

Feed the Lambs Enrichment Program, Inc., is a local 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit, Faith-based organization designed to empower and enlighten the youth of our local community. Our organization is dedicated to providing recreation, education and mentorship services for underprivileged children at no financial cost to their families. The children eligible for our program have been identified by our all volunteer staff as individuals who would benefit from, but would otherwise be unable to obtain these services.


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