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    New graduates have big dreams and a big tuition burden to match. Through our fundraising efforts, we will help them start life with a clean financial slate. No debt, no ...

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Like you, the team at DirectlyTo has a host of causes we can’t help but get behind. From early childhood education to higher education to lifelong health and well-being, DirectlyTo has established a number of fundraising initiatives that are near and dear to the overarching organization and to the individual team members that support us day in and day out.

Higher education opportunities in the U.S. abound, enabling millions of motivated, forward-looking young Americans with countless chances to better their lives, pursue their passions and follow their academic and professional dreams. But there’s an equally powerful force keeping these ambition academics from realizing their full potential: the often-paralyzing impact of student loan debt. Today, the average undergraduate leaves school with close to $30,000 in loans. For graduate students, that number is nearly double. How can these students—our future—be strapped with this seemingly insurmountable burden? And how will this stifling debt keep them from realizing their potential—and, key for all of us—enable them to stimulate the economy, build the housing market and keep our nation’s fiscal future on track, when they’re overwhelmed with these existing debts from day one?

Students should be rewarded for their hard work, not penalized for having hopes and dreams that only a college education can support. We’ve been there—and, at DirectlyTo, we’re committed to helping tomorrow’s graduates start off on an even better foot. Our latest initiative—Directly To “Finishing Strong”—was launched to reward strong academic performance by alleviating some of the burden skyrocketing college tuition prices have placed on millions. Each year our fundraising efforts will identify and reward one or more deserving students completing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

They’ve got big dreams and a big tuition burden to match—but, through our fundraising efforts, we’ll help them start life with a clean financial slate. No debt, no jaw dropping monthly payments, no debilitating repayment schedules. Just a chance to push towards personal, professional and passion-driven goals that, ultimately, benefit us all.

YOU CAN HELP. DONATE towards Finishing Strong, and you’ll see the impact immediately. Want to help even more? Shop with this shopper’s page and cash back with go towards Finishing Strong. You can do this for a pre-determined period of time or, even, for the long term, and we’ll make sure a percentage of yours and your social network’s online shopping goes directly to help these hardworking graduates. Chances are, you’ve been in their shoes, and you know how difficult it can be. By supporting these future leaders, thinkers and doers, we’re not just giving them a much needed boost but, instead, are propelling all of us forward and making education a reality for students everywhere.


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    Project FAQ

    Who gets picked?: 

    The DirectlyTo board will vote on the graduates (Must graduate with a 4 year degree or more) we feel are most deserving. If you have a student in mind and you want to recommend to us. Please tell us about that graduate and his or her accomplishments. We do favor strong academic performance and a selfless person so send us an email at info@directlyto.org and title the email Finishing Strong: Candidate. You can be as detailed as you like and don't be afraid to self nominate.

    How much will a graduate receive?:

    Ideally we would like to pay off every student loan in an effort to help graduates. However we are going to give $30,000 per student that will be paid directlyto their student loans. Hopefully we can help at least 4 students a year.

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