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    DirectlyTo wants to do our part in helping high school students with their journey to college.

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DirectlyTo is excited to announce our new college preparedness initiative with an early engagement test prep company Prepcube. Our goal is to be a vital component in a student’s journey to college.

DirectlyTo wants to do our part in helping high school students with their journey to college. We have established a relationship with an innovative early engagement test prep company (Prepcube.com) that utilizes text messaging to administer ACT or SAT test prep questions and video solutions. This approach to test preparation is designed to expose the student early to they type of questions that they will encounter on the actual tests early in their high school careers (9th and 10th Grade, even earlier for some students).

There are two ways you can help the “DirectlyTo: College Preparedness” campaign.

(1) Donate to this initiative. Each donation to the “DirectlyTo: College Preparedness” campaign is 100% tax deductible in accordance with the IRS regulations. For every $200 (about $11 per month) we will be able to provide a student with an 18 month subscription to Prepcube. Any donation of $200 or more we will personally contact you and you can select the student who will receive this technology.

(2) Go to Prepcube.com and purchase a package using the 15% discount code “directly2”. With each purchase DirectlyTo will receive a 30% of the purchase price and those proceeds will go towards funding initiatives like this one.

Prepcube - is the original and the leading text based study platform. Prepcube’s specialty is providing daily picture questions with video solutions to students/parents and providing weekly lessons. Prepcube has turned text messaging into a tool for learning rather than a distraction.

Your student will:

(1) Work through daily picture questions directly on your smartphone.

(2) Watch a clear and concise video-based answer to the daily question.

(3) Works great with all kids.

If your child enjoys texting, they will love Prepcube. You can learn more at Prepcube.com


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