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    DirectlyTo has partnered with We care of Jacksonville to help a local Jacksonville cancer patient in need.

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After having been a healthy, hard-worker for all of his 58 years, a patient recently underwent surgery to have one of his kidneys removed due to cancer. He is a dishwasher and his employer does not provide insurance. We Care is an organization with over 600 medical specialists and hospitals that donate services, such as this kidney cancer operation, to our patients who have a very limited income and no insurance.

Mr. Smith has been very anxious about paying bills and rent during the 4-6 weeks he will need to recover and he even worked up to the last day before surgery to prepare for no income. Funds have been contributed to cover 4 weeks of rent at $150/week. However, we would like to campaign to purchase a grocery gift card so he will have food through his recuperation. This patient wants to get back to work as soon as possible and is looking forward to a successful outcome from the surgery.


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