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    A father in need of a helping hand for his newborn son.

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We at DirectlyTo receive emails and calls for assistance constantly. For an individual to reach out and ask for help can be a very tough and humbling experience. Being able to help everyone can only be accomplished with the help of the extended DirectlyTo community. Today is one of those days we need your help.

Recently we received an email entitled “Help”. This email came from a young father and stated:

We really need some help I lost my job I’m waiting for income tax but our 2 month son is almost out of formula n diapers plz help

This statement was very brief but impactful so we are asking for the DirectlyTo community to help so we can send several diapers and formula DirectlyTo this young man and help him bridge the gap until other resources arrive.

Thank you and remember the greatest gift is DirectlyTo.


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