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  • BiAnnual Cookout to Benefit Homeless Women Living in Transitional Housing Hosted by: Betel & Friends

    Hosted by: Betel & Friends

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In May 2017, a group of friends with hearts to serve transformed the back alley of Calvary Women's Services, a women's transitional housing program in SE D.C., into a welcoming backyard Cookout. Recognizing the immense value of reminding women (no matter where they live) that holidays are for the community, fun, and love. Twice that summer, local friends of Betel continued to volunteer their time and gave their resources to provide a fun, loving, cookout to the dozens of homeless women living in transitional housing. The goal is to uplift the ladies by offering them the love and community we all get when we go to the family BBQ.

Our Memorial Day Cookout will take place on Monday, May 28 at 3 pm and we need your help to make this event a success as we once again, break bread cookout style with homeless women living in transitional housing in Washington DC!

Financial donations are used to purchase the food, raffle prizes and individual gift bags for the ladies that include items such as toiletries, hair care, and beauty products, and personal greeting cards with inspirational messages.

For more information, to volunteer or sponsor the event, please contact Betel at info@betelandfreiends.com. To learn more about our work at Calvary, view our story


Thanks for your support!


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    Betel & Friends started years ago when a friend simply asked Betel to come and serve with her at a shelter. The one invite created a wave of opportunities for Betel to gather her friends and serve throughout the MD/DC area. After serving for a few years and seeing the direct impact of her group of friends, she thought what if we create the opportunity for others to serve with their friends, co-workers, classmates, etc. As a result, Betel & Friends a non-profit that serves as an incubator of change agents that are empowered to help our local communities is now being formed. Betel & Friends will modernize the concept of charity work by gathering professionals and creating the time to give back to other nonprofits in their local communities.

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