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  • A permanent home for The Academy of Ability

    We are raising funds to purchase a facility that we can call home and adapt to properly serve our students with extremely specialized needs.

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The Academy of Ability is a 501(C)(3) charitable nonprofit school specializing in children with physical and learning challenges serving students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Our mission is to foster an environment that helps each student maximize achievement in not only academics but also in living skills. Since opening in 2009, we have seen incredible growth in our amazing children which fuels the passion and determination of our dedicated staff and volunteers despite the financial challenges we have faced.

Since our inception, we have operated WITHOUT any grants or any considerable donations which often go to larger organizations who have staff employed solely to raise money.

Our current facility is leased at a high payment and due to its age has a high cost for maintenance and operation, therefore we need your help.
Please help us raise the down payment for our own building. We need at least 20% for the down payment by October 15th. The children at our school are truly angels. To meet them is to fall in love with them. Thank you for any contribution large or small. Together we can still make this word better.


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