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360 Tax Community Relief Fund

In response to the recent hurricane in Houston, this campaign has been set up to provide assistance to the people in the area that are in need.

As an accountant I can assure every donor that 100% of the proceeds will go to the community. A not for profit (501c3) has been setup so that 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Any donation over $100 will automatically receive a donation letter from the organization. (letters will be provided for smaller donations upon request.)

Funds will be used to provide;

  • Food

  • clothing

  • blankets

  • children's toys

  • gas station gift cards

  • toiletries

  • hugs and kind words are free

Our office was destroyed in the storm so we have set up and alternate collection site for physical donations. The address is;

5803 Silver Oak

Missouri City, TX 77459

Physical donations will be received between the hours of 10am - 6pm. Valuation of physical gifts will be estimated and donation letters will be provided accordingly.

For more information call us;

Graylen Houston 360 Tax Group 2306 Texas Group Missouri City, TX. 77489 346-980-4188


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Project FAQ

Q: How much of my donation will go to actually helping people?

A: 100% any administration cost will be covered by The 360 Tax Group and its owners

Q: Can I specify what my money is spent on?

A: Yes, but we ask that you don't or at least keep it to a minimum.  Funds will be used based on what is needed the most.

Q: How will I know how my donation is used?

A: We will provide a ledger of all raised funds and distributed funds.  So the public can see the transactions.  Additionally, pictures will be posted of the volunteer effort so you can see your money at work.

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