2019 Thelma Speight Hornberger Scholarship

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This scholarship is named in remembrance of my grandmother, Thelma G. Hornberger. She was an intelligent, hard-working woman that wanted to attend college, but could not due to the stigma of women receiving a higher education during that era. Her daughter, my mother, was one of the first in her family to go to college. My grandmother instilled in my mother the lessons of discipline, work ethic and prioritizing receiving a good education. These values were passed down to my siblings and me and have been an integral part of the success that we've each had as proud graduates of James B. Dudley High School.

It is the purpose of this scholarship to carry on the legacy of my grandmother and aid in the higher education of a future Dudley graduate.


This scholarship award was established in 2017 in honor of Thelma G. Hornberger and her dedicated belief in young people receiving a quality education.

Award Criteria

  1. This scholarship award will be given to a graduating senior student at James B. Dudley High School

  2. The student must have a GPA of 2.5 or greater verified by transcript to be submitted

  3. The student must submit official documentation of admittance to an accredited college/university

  4. The student must have a legitimate financial need for books and/or living expenses

  5. The student must submit a 500-word essay explaining their purpose for pursuing a higher education

  6. The student must provide two letters of recommendation

    • One letter must be from a DHS faculty member

Award Amount

This scholarship award amount will $1,000 plus to total sum of all donations via the DirectlyTo campaign. This award will be presented to the student at the Scholarship Awards Day at James B. Dudley High School.


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