Thank You

By Crystal

Thank You

Thank you everyone for the support, prayers, and love you are expressing. This time has been very difficult and with this support gives our daughter and family a new hope and strength. We will continue to fight this injustice and become her voice for freedom. We are forever grateful and thankful to each and every friend, family, and person who donated money. The challenge is huge before us but with God and support of the community we believe our daughter will be able to heal from this tragic and horrible nightmare.

As an update we have secured legal council and trust that they will be diligent in her fight for her innocence and freedom. #freezephi

No child or parent should ever have to go through this horror and battle the legal system. We pray this brings an awareness to the community that it can happen to anyone’s child and your world forever changes.

All money donated is being raised and will pay for legal fees for our daughters case and possible trial fees.

Thank you again for the bottom of our hearts and we pray a huge blessing over everyone that has donated, prayed, checked on us, and supported our family through this difficult time.

The Trevino Family

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