October Update

By Ashley

October Update

Dear friends and family,

I have been in Tunisia now for a month, and I am blown away by the grace of God! Since day one, I have felt such peace being here and now this country truly feels like home. While I can still only count to two in Arabic, I’m slowly learning the language and feel independent here. My roommate and I were able to use public transportation to take us to a mountain for hiking, and visit friends in the capital city of Tunis. I never thought this southern gal would be able to hail a taxi without fear or order at a restaurant in Arabic, but through God’s grace (and a lot of charades) I’ve been able to be independent and adventurous here.

The students at my school are learning English and have expressed how much they love my class and are excited to read and write everyday (one student has read an entire book each day). I really feel that I am able to be a light in the classroom and show my students they are intelligent, wonderful, and have a purpose in life. Out of the three grades I teach, there are nine languages spoken, and twelve countries represented.

Through building relationships with Tunisians, I have been able to share my testimony and the gospel a few times already. One girl and I had an hour long talk about good, evil, free will, and how to sacrificially love. She wanted to know more about Jesus and how, because of my relationship with him, I am able to forgive those who have hurt me. After our talk she text me that she “REALLY loved talking with me” and wants to meet again. Even though I never know how bold to be about the gospel due to security issues and the police, I have felt God lead my conversations and give me opportunities to speak freely.

Please be praying for a teacher at my school. She has been having dreams of Jesus and feels he is calling her to him. She has been reading the Bible and is constantly asking questions about God’s love to the believers in this country. Pray for continued dreams of Jesus and the boldness she needs to accept him as her Lord and Savior.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Every day presents a new challenge that can either frustrate me or make me stronger. Because of the love from back home and strength from God, I know I will grow stronger and laugh off the worries that come from living abroad on mission.

Love to all,


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