Nursing Care Update – Funding HELP!

By Melissa

Nursing Care Update – Funding HELP!

We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations over this last years in support of Kevin’s health and independence. Those donations have allowed Kevin to keep living independently while ensuring his good health by securing necessary caregivers during the Insurance initiated reduction of his nursing care. After months of appointments with case workers, insurers, the state, doctors, lawyers, etc. Kevin was able to receive state funding through a program called CHOICES to assist with around-the-clock caregivers. However, the program eliminated almost all of care he receives from a licensed nurse. His primary nurse, LPN, of 15 years has chosen to stay working with Kevin despite having her nursing hours and rate of pay drastically reduced. She continues to work above and beyond with excellent nursing care for the benefit of Kevin’s well-being on a monthly stipend we created from the funds we’ve raised here. She continues to fill in for shifts that undoubtedly would be uncovered had she not. In fact, Kevin believes most of this transition would not have been possible if not for her being the “glue” and the support that is holding everything together including his physical health because she has worked with him for so long that she is an expert in his unique physical condition.
We have enough funding to cover this very necessary nursing expense through September. It is our hope, as family and friends, to continue raising funds which will help ensure Kevin’s desire to live independently and to have the best quality of life possible. Funds will continue to be used for any of Kevin’s major needs or expenses not covered by insurance including supplementing the expenses related to keeping his licensed nurse of 15 years.
Thank you for your time & consideration.

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