Local Highlight

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Dr. Candice Edwards relocated to Jacksonville, FL with the goal of bringing a smile to her patients face and establishing a Podiatry Practice. Through hard work and a never say quit attitude Dr. Edwards was able to create Total Foot Care and Wellness Clinic (Totalfootcareclinic.info). The motto of the practice is to deliver the best foot care possible and to treat each patient like family. Her approach is a mixture of office hours and home visits particularly catering to those with limited mobility.

Dr. Edwards is a Podiatrist who puts her patients first and this one of the many reasons we decided to partner. With the Dr. Edwards’ help we will be able to provide free foot care to individuals in the Jacksonville area that cannot afford the extra care but need it. No matter how large or small acts of kindness are we at DirectlyTo strive to partner with individuals like Dr. Edwards. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and you want more information regarding her “pro bono” services check out Totalfootcareclinic.info

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