About DirectlyTo

About Us

Recognizing the diverse and increasingly emergent needs of individuals and organizations from coast to coast. DirectlyTo (A 501(c)(3) non-profit) launched in summer 2015 to be a comprehensive source for support, promotion and fund procurement for any and every cause.

DirectlyTo enables users to identify any need—a charitable initiative, a passion project, a deserving friend or family member —and within minutes launch an interactive campaign to inspire crowdfunded support and, as such, immediately caught the attention of non-profits, schools and novice fundraisers who, via DirectlyTo, began driving significant funding to the causes they care about.

Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

Mission: The mission of DirectlyTo is to direct funds/services DirectlyTo those that need it most and to provide a safe crowd funding platform benefiting initiatives that contribute in general to the overall betterment of society including but not limited to education, personal/medical emergencies, veterans’ affairs, and healthy eating/ living.

Vision: To make a major impact in the lives of others by ensuring that much needed assistance goes DirectlyTo those who need it most.

Financials: As part of our dedication to financial responsibility and putting others first, the vast majority of our budget goes DirectlyTo our worthy campaign causes. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, we will remain in compliance with IRS regulations.

Guiding Principles:

People First:

We base all key decisions on the basis of what is best for our campaign recipients, DirectlyTo the causes YOU care about.

Dedication To Integrity:

We are dedicated to carrying out our work with enthusiasm and commitment toward the mission and vision while never compromising ethics

Commitment To Excellence:

We are committed to exceptional service, fostering an environment for creativity to improve campaign efforts for the greatest impact and operational efficiency.

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