The Usambara Project

By DirectlyTo

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Motivated by a recent trip to Tanzania Jason Campbell and Taqi Salaam wanted to do there part in making a difference in the global community. DirectlyTo has partnered with these two global philanthropists to make this initiative come to life.  

The Usambara Project is an initiative geared toward uplifting and transcending the Itengule community in Tanzania, East Africa. Our goal is to improve the infrastructure of Itengule Secondary School undertaking cafeteria and nutrition projects. We are committed to empowering local students and raising money through various avenues. At Itengule Secondary School, sufficient nutrition and access to an adequate eating facility is a daily struggle. Without understanding the importance of health and wellness students carry out bad eating habits. Often times, they lack the appreciation of their bodies and proper eating practices. In addition, students eat their meals in subpar conditions that raise concern for their long term health.

The goal is to organize and display nutrition material on the walls of the cafeteria so students can observe the importance of a balanced diet daily. The cafeteria also serves as a safe haven for students eating in a poor environment. Adolescent students are hindered scholastically due to their poor nutritional health directly affecting their ability to stay awake in class. This is a problem that most teachers and school staff is not aware of because the knowledge of nutrition increasing brain function and energy is a topic not commonly discussed in Tanzanian culture. Thus, implementing a cafeteria at Itengule, school-going teenagers will be able to attain better grades by staying awake and being more focused in class. These students will then share the knowledge they have gained about sustenance throughout their families and villages.

The staff of Itengule Secondary School and the community officials is committed to implementing and sustaining this project. We will renovate an old classroom building on the campus of Intengule to accomplish this feat. Through communication and community assistance, Itengule has agreed to buy eighteen brand new tables and one hundred and forty-four stools. If approved for this grant we can help improve countless lives and influence even more. The funds received from donations will help to purchase the materials necessary for the renovation process and a start to a better future at Itengule Secondary School.



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    Good Luck from KIPP: University Prep High School in San Antonio, Tx!

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