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Daycare is supposed to be a fun place for children and a safe place for parents to entrust trained adults with their children. No one imagines dropping their child off one day and not picking up them up alive. Unfortunately, that is what happened when Stokely Andrews, a lively and well-loved 1-year-old boy, drowned while at daycare in 2017.

The story is a tragic one. Stokely’s daycare provider left him and 5 other children in the care of a family member who left the children playing alone outside. While playing unattended due to the daycare’s negligence, Stokely drowned while trying to fetch a ball from a swimming pool that was filled with water.

This unthinkable tragedy birthed the start of a non-profit organization, Parents Against Negligent Daycare. The goal of our mission is to prevent other parents from having to endure such an unthinkable heartache.  In pursuit of this mission, Parents Against Negligent Daycare’s annual Stokiefest is a yearly event that promotes water safety, fire safety, food safety, and health and wellness for children and families.

According to Stanford Children's Health, over 800 children die yearly by drowning. In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 through 4.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death in infants and preschoolers. These deaths are preventable, and awareness is key to preventing daycare fatalities.

Stokely is one of many innocent children who are not attended to properly at daycare. Data from a 2006 study that conducted research across 39 states showed that over 5,000 daycare

providers were abusing and/or neglecting children in their care. These harrowing statistics are indicative of a trend that needs to end. Parents entrust their children in the hands of childcare providers that are supposed to be trained, attentive, and compassionate.  Parents who know what to look for — and how to act at the signs of daycare neglect — are better equipped to drop their child(ren) off with peace of mind and make informed decisions about next steps to insure the safety of their children.

No parent deserves the heartache of losing a child to daycare neglect. Our annual Stokiefest — provides critical and lifesaving information to families.

Stokiefest is only possible with help from our generous donors. If you’d like to help end daycare negligence and save the lives of innocent children, you may provide a monetary tax deductible donation.  Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of families across the country.


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