Discover Projects

The Windy City Affair

The Affair Series is a nonprofit organization that annually hosts a weekend of events aimed to bring young professionals together in different cities in order to raise money for organizations dedicated to enhancing the lives of minority youth in urban communities. This year, we will be in Chicago, Illinois with The Windy City Affair raising funds for the Swish Dreams organization.

  • 110% Funded
  • $880 Funded
  • Ended On August 31, 2016

The Usambara Project

The Usambara Project is an initiative geared toward uplifting and transcending the Itengule community in Tanzania, East Africa. Our goal is to improve the infrastructure of Itengule Secondary School undertaking cafeteria and nutrition projects.

  • 103% Funded
  • $1,138 Funded
  • Ended On April 30, 2016

DirectlyTo: Bridging the Gap

DirectlyTo has partnered with We care of Jacksonville to help a local Jacksonville cancer patient in need.

  • 105% Funded
  • $230 Funded
  • Ended On April 14, 2016

DirectlyTo: The Children of Flint

Through the efforts of DirectlyTo and Brand B Sports we are partnering with Tony Jones and Gabe Martin of Flint, MI to purchase commercial grade water filter units. Each unit will be installed into daycare centers and other locations children frequent in Flint.

  • 110% Funded
  • $4,381 Funded
  • Ended On October 31, 2016

Blue Honor Event 2016

Helping to raise money and awareness for ILCOPS and MOCOPS. Which are organizations that provides assistance to families of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

  • 100% Funded
  • $50 Funded
  • Ended On August 30, 2016

DirectlyTo: Move, Play, Speak Community Day

The Move, Play, Speak Community Day is planned for children with special needs and their families. This 1st Annual event was inspired by the voices of parents in the community.

  • 102% Funded
  • $17,369 Funded
  • Ended On June 25, 2016

Directlyto: BSA Troop 198

Raise funds for needed equipment and finaical support for Boys Scout Troop 198 of Baton Rouge, LA

  • 38% Funded
  • $1,889 Funded

DirectlyTo: Tavi’s Smile

Demicka Gilmore had to make an impossible choice three years ago: stay home and care for her daughter after a painful bone cancer diagnosis and subsequent leg amputation, or continue to work and leave her teen housebound, afraid and alone. It’s no choice a mother should ever have to make.

  • 104% Funded
  • $9,355 Funded