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DirectlyTo: Move, Play, Speak Scholarship

The focus of this scholarship is to support students from diverse backgrounds who meet the Scholarship Committee’s objective to develop a workforce of Pediatric Clinicians who are motivated to apply their expertise to help children Move, Play, and Speak.

  • 80.37% Funded
  • $12,055.00 Funded

DirectlyTo: Finishing Strong

New graduates have big dreams and a big tuition burden to match. Through our fundraising efforts, we will help them start life with a clean financial slate. No debt, no jaw dropping monthly payments, no debilitating repayment schedules. Just a chance to push towards personal, professional and passion-driven goals that, ultimately, benefit us all.

  • 0.42% Funded
  • $501.00 Funded

DirectlyTo: Healthy Living

The DirectlyTo healthy living fundraising initiative was created to raise cash for some of the best, most innovative health-focused organizations out there. Each dollar we raise for this vital cause will be another dollar in the right direction going towards battling obesity, inspiring activity and encouraging all Americans to get up and get healthy, one step, bite, stretch or deep breath at a time.

  • 0.44% Funded
  • $440.00 Funded