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The ATL Affair

The Affair Series is a nonprofit organization that annually hosts a weekend of events aimed to bring young professionals together in various cities in order to raise funds for organizations dedicated to enhancing the lives of minority youth in urban communities. This year we will be partnering with The Friends of FAM, Inc. to host the ATL Affair in Atlanta, Georgia, to raise funds for scholarships for high school seniors heading to Florida A&M University!

  • 101.25% Funded
  • $405.00 Funded


We are fundraising to create a centre of excellence for Autism where families across the city can have an opportunity to receive services for their loved ones without worrying about extensive wait times or not having enough money.

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  • $0 Funded

Shelter Securities For Africans

Project Shelter Securities exist to protect and shield individuals and families from a harmful or dangerous situation that life can present to us at anytime.

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No One Will Walk this Path Alone

This fundraiser is dedicated and directly for the people walking alone. There are too many people suffering alone and it is our mission to reach out to the hopeless and give them that hope and laughter they too deserve.

  • 11.20% Funded
  • $1,120.00 Funded

The Sophonias Kiflom Golla Fund

On February 28, 2017, our community was shaken by the passing of our beloved Kiflom Golla. Even though his time on this earth was short, his impact and legacy will last a lifetime.

  • 14.56% Funded
  • $7,280.00 Funded

Mud Run against Mass Incarceration

On April 29th I will be participating in a Tough Mudder half in Atlanta Georgia. I have decided to use the run as opportunity to to raise both awareness around the issue of mass incarceration as well as funds for 3 community organizations I’ve been fortunate to volunteer with that assist those directly affected by mass incarceration.

  • 228.33% Funded
  • $685.00 Funded
  • Ended On April 30, 2017

National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI

NYLF Law & CSI is a unique 6-day program for motivated students planning careers in the fields of law, forensic science, or crime scene investigation. By attending the forum, qualifying students will receive 1 college credit. Sessions are held in the Washington DC metro area

  • 102.00% Funded
  • $510.00 Funded
  • Ended On April 20, 2017