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Like you, the team at DirectlyTo has a host of causes we can’t help but get behind. From early childhood education to higher education to lifelong health and well-being, DirectlyTo has established a number of fundraising initiatives that are near and dear to the overarching organization and to the individual team members that support us day in and day out.

DirectlyTo is all about being well. That could mean healthy eating, breaking a sweat or, even, giving your emotional well-being a boost. We love the new and established wellness organizations, healthy living groups and fitness initiatives popping up all over the country, and we’ve seen the impact these grassroots efforts can have in the lives of millions. It could be pounds dropped, miles crossed or spirits lifted—but it’s incredibly inspiring to us, and something we can’t help but want to get behind.

DirectlyTo’s healthy living fundraising initiative was created to raise cash for some of the best, most innovative health-focused organizations out there. We’ll identify a few of our faves, and if you have ideas please send them our way and then we’ll get to it! Each dollar we raise for this vital cause will be another dollar in the right direction—towards battling obesity, inspiring activity and encouraging Americans to get up and get healthy, one step, bite, stretch or deep breath at a time.

Donate now and channel some of your fundraising efforts back to this healthy living initiative. For an even bigger boost do all of your online shopping with this shoppers link and the cash back proceed will go to DirectlyTo’s fundraising efforts. Share with your social network and get them to donate and shop for our healthy living efforts. It’s simple, it’s free and it makes a huge difference in the lives of millions—we can’t think of a better reason to get involved!


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    Project FAQ

    Who gets help?:

    Everyone who is trying to live and promote a healthy lifestyle. We are very partial to communities and individuals whose healthy living options are limited. If you have ideas send us an email at with the subject line DirectlyTo: Healthy Living or create an campaign and lets work together to make it a success. Also, we are very interested in working with or creating a DirectlyTo Food Truck that provides low cost health food alternatives in neighbors with limited options. If you have ideas we would love to hear them.

    How much is given out?:

    No limit to the funds that can be given out. If we have it we will give it.

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